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Handle credentials the easy way. With our service you benefit from our experience. We provide professional credential service for your event. Our special are credentials in XXL Format (accreditation with XXL cards, printing on XXL plastic cards). From the design to the on site printout, we handle all for you.

Our Services


The Guest is your priority. Manage Guest Lists and handle credantials in a professional way. Print Credetials on site as you need them. Reduce the stress and make your event successful.

Parking / Catering

Handle parking permission and organize your catering vouchers. All from one hand and integrated in one solution.

Rental Service

Rent all the necessary eqipment like badge printers, plastic cards, lanyards...

Print everything onsite as you need, from credantual passes to parking passes.

Credential Examples

Experience the different classes. Choose what you like Economy, Business, First.

Economy Class

Simple Credential

- XXL Format

- One side printing

- Simple Lanyard

Business Class

Advanced Credential

- XXL Format

- Two side printing

- Business style lanyard

- Photo included

First Class

VIP Credential

- XXL Format

- Two side printing

- VIP style lanyard

- Photo included

Software Solution

ACC CENTER - copyright by access4events


Manage - Print - Monitor

Cloud bases Application running on each device from anywhere you are.



Manage Events

Administrate more than one Event

The software provides you with the ability to handle your events from one place.

Print Credentials On Site

Make it all happen on site

You need to print credentials on site. No problem with our high professional printers and our software. Printing on XXL Plastic cards is our special service.

Monitor and Analyse

Analyse your event in Real Time.

Our software provides you with lots of statistic to your event. Check in real Time what happen and where. Monitor Guest check in and see all Details of your event credentials.

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